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yes, i live. i haven't been making anything at all lately, so i know it's been awhile since i posted. to remedy that, i've started throwing a little something together.

this is a teaser post. haha, did you think there were icons coming? these are bases, but proof i do have something for you.

these are bases the finished product might not be anything like them, just in case you get confused. if you would like icon of the whole face of a half face icon, let me know. if you have a really great image from one of the series, let me know.

however, be aware that i am not opening requests. do not say "here's this picture, may i please have "inserwhatever" on it." i'm down show more of the faces, use an image that you think is really nice, whatever.

it's an open ended, this is for everyone, you can do whatever you want with it type thing.

but, we're digressing.

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is your teaser.

it contains eureka 7, munto, bleach, & gundam seed.

all to come at a later time. seriously later, because i'll be out of town next week.
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HELLO! I haven't died. I just kind of didn't really feel like posting. I've been meaning to for like ages. But never really got around to it so here ya go 83 crap-fucking-tacular icons.


Random Anime
Green Day
Daniel Johns / The Dissociatives
My Chemical Romance; Gerard and Frank
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Marilyn Manson
The Used; Bert
Sanrio characters
Peace Maker Kurogane
FFX Doujinshi
HIM; Ville

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I'm back! But this time I'm posting wallpapers not icons. There's only 2 and they're not even that relatively good. I haven't made them in a hella long time. But I thought I might as well post them because maybe someone would make use of them. And they're only in 1024x768, sorry 800x600 res people.





And because I thought I might as well here's a preview of icons to come;

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It's only me going on Hiatus though. might and niea aren't.

I just got a new computer and I don't have any graphic programs besides Paint, which blows donkey balls, so until I get PaintShop Pro 7 back somehow and start collecting pictures again to make icons of I won't be posting.
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PIMP; spank_bank - for all your music needs. I know this nothing at all to do with icons or whatever but this is my new community damnit. Andd everyone likes music :DD especially when it's free. So join, download the music and share the love. oh and pimp it out too, because you love me? >3

Icon post coming sometime in the next week or so. If I can get the actual motivation/inspiration to churn out some half decent icons. not that my icons are ever half decent anyway.

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TAKING REQUESTS because I'm out of inspiration and need something new to do.

I'm only taking the FIRST TEN no more than that. Comment with an image and, if you have any in mind, the lyrics you'd like on it. I think that's about it.